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With getting back to church services we are currently running a 10 am combined worship service of traditional and contemporary.  We are hoping to get back to full services soon, but for now as people ease back into a somewhat normal life we are keeping it to one service.

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We are here to help people grow in their relationship with God and in doing so help people deal with life in this world.




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Sunday's Message

Online Sermon Message at YouTube for now

"What Makes You a Christian?"


Have you ever heard someone say or maybe even yourself said, "Well, they must not be a Christian if they _______________ ."  (Fill in the blank).  The problem is that we are quick to judge someone by their outward appearance or actions.  Do you truly know where their heart is?  Do you know them better than God does?


So answer that question for yourself, "What makes you a Christian?" Where is your salvation found?  This is the problem the Apostle Paul had every time he would preach the Gospel.  We are saved through Christ alone was his message.  False teachers would come along behind him and say that was fine, BUT you need to add stuff to that to really be saved.  You have to study philosophy, to have to live in poverty and punish yourself every time you even think about sin.  You need to worship angels, you need to be visited by angels or by God Himself.  You need to follow all the laws of men in order to be saved.  It was always Christ plus something else.  Paul said no, it is Christ and Christ alone.


Again I will be here 24/7/365 for anyone, the church doors are not shut and we continue to pray for all of you on a daily basis.  I hope to see you all real soon and not just online.

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